Lincoln Electric Welder @ Farley Whse. Lot 901 (SOLD)

Auction ID 15770
Status Closed
Type Standard (PQT)
Started 4/26/2019 12:41 PM CST
Ended 5/10/2019 10:00 AM CST
Quantity 1
Minimum Bid Increment $5.00
Manufacturer Lincoln
Division Alabama Power
Equipment Location Farley Nuclear Plant Warehouse - Columbia , AL


SKU TM2785
Manufacturer Lincoln
UOM Each
Condition Code Used

Lincoln Electric Welder @ Farley Whse. Lot 901, With Leads, WORKING CONDITION UNKNOWN, Bidders are encouraged to inspect this unit prior to bidding.

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Location / Contact Details

Equipment Address 7388 North State Highway 95
Contact Name Michael Bond
Phone Number 334-814-4517
State AL