How exactly does a bid need to be entered?

When entering the bid amount, do not use a dollar sign or comma.  Decimals must be entered, e.g.  1000.00

Why have the user ID numbers changed?

When enhancements were made to the Power Outlet in January, 2009, the system automatically reasigned User ID numbers.  Only the user ID number changed, all else remains the same.

Who can use this tool?

This tool will be used to sell items internally and externally to Southern Company. Employees, retirees, and general public can place bids, once their registration has been approved by the system administrator.

What are you going to sell?

All items not currently on a contract are eligible to be sold via this tool, however the main focus will be on equipment, tools, warehouse materials, and miscellaneous used items no longer needed by the Company. The Investment Recovery department retains the right to review items to determine their suitability to be bid.

What policies and procedures are going to change because of this tool?

All required policies and procedures will be maintained. This tool changes the method of the bids but the procedures remain the same.

How will I be notified if I win a bid?

The system utilizes a series of e-mails to communicate between the bidders and the sellers.  Winners will shortly after receive an invoice with payment and pick up instructions.

Can I place a bid for someone else who is not a registered user?

It is highly recommended that you do not place a bid for another person.  That person should register and place his/her own bids.  Once you place a bid and win, you are obligated for the purchase according to the terms and conditions you accepted.

Can other people see my name and bid information?

No.  You may view the bid history by user ID number only and current bid amount.  The maximum bid amount is never shown unless you are outbid.

Can I change my bid once I place it?

Yes. While bids can not be modified once placed, additional bids can be made during the auction rendering previous bids null and void.

Can I withdraw a bid?

Once a bid is placed, it cannot be withdrawn.  Please be careful when entering a bid.

I have seen the same item listed more than once on the site.  Why is this?

We have had people refuse to pay and pickup the auctioned items that they won.  In this case, that person is suspended or removed from use of the Power Outlet.  Therefore, the item is relisted.

Can I pay for my bid with a credit card?

No. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Payment is to be made only by cashiers check, company/business check, or money orders.

Will this tool take the place of other auctions (ie, vehicle equipment auctions)?

While vehicles and equipment may be sold on this tool, current contracts may dictate these items being sold via a previously contracted auction company.

Who should I contact in case I have any questions?

Name Organization Phone Number Email
  --- ALABAMA POWER 205-664-6516 ---
Trish OlsonGULF POWER 850-505-5130TOLSON@southernco.com
John StewartMISSISSIPPI POWER 228-867-1142jestewar@southernco.com
Tyler MorrisonGEORGIA POWER 404-608-5442JTMORRIS@southernco.com
Brian OusleyALABAMA POWER 205-664-6446bousley@southernco.com

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